Monday, September 20, 2010

Permission to Work Small

Back in 2003,  I designed some lines of fabric for the Michael Miller company. At one trade show I went a bit overboard. I  constructed a whole doll bedroom vignette featuring wallpaper, curtains, a bed, bed ruffle, pillows, a stuffed animal in nightdress and, of course, a miniature quilt.

The tiny fussy-cut hexagons in the quilt measure only 1/2 inch on a side (finished) and I hand-pieced it using the size needle I usually use for quilt, a #10 Between. I hope I've gotten that out of my system!

     Well, maybe not. Last week I finished a tiny quilt for a stuffed teddy bear. I am NOT, repeat, NOT a doll person. But somehow I have accumulated some charming stuffed animals (I prefer to think of them as 'silent friends')) and they occupy the shelves of a cupboard here at the studio. Had no intention of making a toy quilt---it just happened. The bear was sitting in a chair and needed a quilt.

So I pieced a scrappy Streak 'o Lightning pattern quilt and quilted it Big Stitch style. The thread used is #8 perle cotton and I like either a 24 Chenille needle or a #4 Between to Big Stitch. I have no idea where the hat came from.

 I usually make big quilts, quilts large enough to wrap up in, but these toy quilts are very appealing. There's just enough work to be interesting and yet small enough that they're portable. As in, stuff the piece in a pocket and take 'em home to work on.  Small may be good. It fits my life right now. FYI: the Colonial Needle Company is coming out with an assorted pack of needles just for Big Stitch enthusiasts! Watch this blog and Colonial on Facebook for upcoming details.


  1. The tiny quilts have me all agog! `8-D Wow!!
    Looking forward to hearing @ the Big Stitch needle pack! Yeah!!

  2. As I commented on facebook, my silent friends are seriously jealous. I shouldn't have shown them your post....

  3. This is awesomely beautiful :-)!!!
    Your tiny hexagon quilt... how gorgeous and the super cute tiny bear quilt... lovely!!! You are indeed very talented!!!