Sunday, February 6, 2011

Black and White and Red Everywhere

Work the past few days has been black and white with a spot of red. Seems those are the only colors that make sense as I put my hand to sewing projects. The picture here is Skinny Cats Valentine, a patchwork piece I drew and sewed over tracing paper. Last night it was auctioned off to raise money for the Beaufort Cat Project. The BCP's a worthy cause and keeps us from being overrun with feral cats. As a seaport city in a temperate climate, we are faced with whole colonies of ownerless kitties that are cared for by kindly folks. BCP traps, neuters, and vaccinates the wild ones who are then released and live out much healthier lives. Why not just get rid of the cats? Again, seaport with temperate climate--these guys keep down the mouse, rat, and nutria population so we're not overrun with rodents!

Valentines Day is on the brain and after talking to a friend who got a Kindle (ereader) for Christmas, I knew this sweet red leather ebook cover would be just the thing for her new toy. If you've been thinking, "I'm crafty--I ought to be able to make a cool cover for my Kindle..." look no further. Lee's Needle Arts has ebook covers in smooth red, black, and rich brown leather and some other colors (blue, tan, and hunter green) in a stylish faux-croc finish. The stock number is BAG52. The ebook covers retail for $70-$72 and if your local needlework shop does not stock them,  get in contact with Tom at 1-800-963-3353 and order one for yourself.

Each cover comes in a nice blue and white presentation box and wrapped in pretty rice paper. Put your creative urges to good use and design something spectacular for the 3" x 5" opening. Then carefully peel off the paper covering the insert, center your art work and tuck the seams (make sure to leave about 1/4" extra all around) under the stitched opening sides. I sewed my friend's initials over tracing paper 2" square blocks.

The interior of the ebook reader cover is just as nice and features a little pocket for a business card or notes plus handy elastic straps and a ledge to keep your ebook securely in place. Now you'll have the best sort of Valentines Day gift: the color you want, personalized with your own hand, and it always fits. Plus, I promise, no calories with this one!

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