Thursday, January 21, 2010

Needle Me Now

This blog begins a new year for the Colonial Needle Company and for me. I love hand sewing. In my case, it means piecing, quilting, sashiko, and embroidery. I first got to know Terry and Jim Collingham, the owners of the Colonial Needle Company, from meeting them in their booth at trade shows. Their enthusiasm for needlecraft and their products is contagious. They handed out samples of needles and encouraged people to try their needles and report back to them. How could I refuse?

Years ago I visited the Forge Mill Needle Museum in Redditch, England and enjoyed myself immensely. You know you're a nerd when an afternoon spent looking at tiny tools like needles is the high point of your visit overseas. The gift shop at the Needle Museum had the world's best selection of needles...until I encountered the Collinghams and realized all those wonderful needles were available here in the US!

This blog celebrates all the different work we do with needles and I encourage (request, beg, etc) that readers and commentators send me lovely clear close-up photos of their hand needlework. Who am I? I'm Pepper Cory and you can send pictures to me at this address:
To define 'hand needlework': quilting, embroidery, huck weaving, heirloom sewing (think gorgeous christening gowns), knitting (Colonial sells knitting needles and tools too), and anything else that a creative person wielding a needle can do. You can add your comments at the bottom of this blog, visit us on Facebook, or go to the Colonial Needle website . We hope to hear from you!

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